Vote for Elk Ridge City's flag

Vote for Elk Ridge City's flag. Explore the options below and please read the symbolism behind the flags, then vote below.

City, Stars, & Bars

The 3 colored stripes and the 3 stars within each blue stripe suggest that
there have been 3 names for the area: Goosenest Ranch, Salem Hills, and Elk Ridge.
The 3 bars (2 blue, 1 white) also represent the 3 main areas of Elk Ridge: Upper, Middle, and Lower. The Upper is more South, and the Lower is more north. The white bar is wider than the two blue bars because the Middle area of ER is larger than the other two areas and includes Loafer canyon and the West side. The darker blue describes how the stars are so visible in the dark sky at night, and the lighter blue describes how from Elk Ridge you can see the city lights around Utah Lake. The white describes the goodness and unity of the people.
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5-Star ER: Man & Beast

The yellow stars represent Man – in other words, the people of the community over
time: The Ranchers, The Founders, The Builders, The Current Residents, The Future Residents. The color green describes life – nearness to mountains and the lake, as well as the old Goosenest Ranch. The color white describes purity – of ideals, air, and water, as well as the old name of Salem Hills. The Elk represents the pride and dignity and the current city’s name.
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Beginning of a New Dawn

This is a symbol of our city’s name, and it should serve as a
reminder of attributes that will help our community continue to be the most wonderful place to live.
With the “Beginning of a New Dawn” each of the eight rays on the flag reminds us to: Honor the Past, Embrace the Future, Live with Integrity, Have Community Pride, Reach Out to Others, Lead Responsibly, Welcome Diversity, and Be Respectful to All.
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An elk is walking upward along a gently sloping ridge moving toward
the star in the upper left corner. The elk’s head is clearly turned engaging the viewer to allow a glimpse of the town’s past, present and future. The elk may no longer come here like they once did but they live on here in memory. The star represents the ideal toward which we must always strive. The ground is a slowly rising ridge and he is ascending it just like the city of Elk Ridge which is always moving upward in its journey. The two colors stand for the two names the place has had – Salem Hills and Elk Ridge. These two colors give this image a peaceful feeling, which fits the town well. Blue and white also stand for the rain and snow on which we depend. The blue also represents the sky. The foreground stands for the land itself, a beautiful place up against the mountains, with the best view of the Utah Valley.
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In Honor

The natural aspects of the area – the beautiful surroundings, make it easy for residents to
enjoy the outdoors. The blue stripes on this flag symbolize the past marshland, Utah Lake, and essential water supply. The white field is for the snow pack on the mountains, and an image of a white mountain is created in the space just under the antler. The red represents honor and significant events and people. The elk antler and two goose feathers are in honor of the elk herds and flocks of geese that frequented the area, which influenced the name of the Goosenest Ranch and the current name of Elk Ridge. The smaller feather is for the town of Salem Hills and for the people who lived here then. The larger feather is for the name change to Elk Ridge and for the residents from then until now who are a part of the growth. The antler also stands for how we should live – in honor of the past and present, with hope for the future.
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Elk Stripes

The 3 colors are for the 3 names of the area: green – Goosenest Ranch, blue – Salem Hills, white with elk – Elk Ridge. The green is also for
the hills and mountains; blue for the great view of Utah Lake and for clear air in our mountain home; white for the goodness and unity of the people. The 3 stripes also represent the 3 main areas of the city: Upper, Middle, Lower. The Middle is the largest area and the wider stripe. The Elk and the Stripes represent “who we are” and “what we are” as in the expression: “show your stripes”.
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