The Winning Design

The following design shows us Elk Ridge City's flag by Sarah Millington:

Title: Elk Stripes
Explanation of symbolism:
The 3 colors are for the 3 names of the area over time: Loafer Mountain Green – Goosenest Ranch, Great View Blue – Salem Hills Township, White – Elk Ridge City. The green is also for the hills and mountains; blue for the great view of Utah Lake and clear air in our mountain home, and our struggle for water supply; white for the goodness and unity of the people. The 3 stripes also represent the 3 main areas of the city: Upper, Middle, Lower. The Middle is the largest area and the wider stripe. The strong Elk in all 3 Stripes represents “who we are” and “what we are”, as in the expression: “Show your stripes.”

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